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Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to Boost your Self-Confidence

The importance of confidence in everything we do cannot be underemphasized. Right or wrong, people and providence treat you in a manner that you allow. But how do you gain self confidence? A task seemingly impossible to some and for others it is as easy as getting up in the morning ready for a bright new day. Confidence is not born in a man, but it is created by man. Anyone can have confidence. It is absolutely easier than you once have believed.

Tips to boost your Self-Confidence

1. Remember your Success
Remember your Success and let them flow through your mind instead of your failures. Write down your success however small they may be. Writing down is essential. Use a journal of some kind and jot down your success. It will slowly but surely generate confidence in you. Sunil Gavaskar, the Little Master when he was passing through a out of form phase in his life, he used to watch the video of his previous batting success to boost his self-confidence. By constantly watching his past success he used to maintain his self confidence. If this worked for Sunil Gavaskar it would work for you also.
2. Burn your Disappointments
When you are bugged down with any failure and consequently disappointed, your biggest enemy is that disappointment. This disappointment in turns kills your confidence. One easiest method to meet such situations is to write down your disappointment on a piece of paper. Immediately, thereafter light your matchstick and burn that piece of paper. As the piece of paper catches fire and is reduced to ashes watch it intensely and visualize your disappointment getting reduced to ashes. This will positively impact your mind and give you tremendous confidence to reduce your disappointment to ashes. This trick was used by Bruce Lee, the master of martial art and actor. If it worked for him, it would work for you also
3. Keep Track of What Motivates You
Keep track of what motivates you and stay near those things or persons. Whether it be a reading book,, listening to a lively sermon, speaking to a loved one, looking at an inspiring art or statue – find out what truly motivates you and fill your life with those things. Keep track of all persons who motivate you and then regularly interact with them. Similarly keep away from what demotivates you. This will go a long way in keeping you confident by avoiding their negative influences.