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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Design and Architecture interview questions with answers

Urmila Singhal has written very detailed and interesting posts on how to interview for a technical program manager role.

Interviewing to become a Program Manager from a different role: Introduction to what are the skills needed to become a Program Manager -

Is project management like parenting? - Interviewing for a program manager Part 2: What is Project Management, what are the different methodologies of Project Management -

Communication with your grandma and the technical architect at the same time - Interviewing for a program manager Part 3: What is communication, its importance. Principles of communication and Different types of communication -

Approaching design questions in an interview - Interviewing for a program manager Part 4: What is design and the types of design questions -

Abstract Design Questions Approach - Interviewing for a program manager Part 5: Approach to abstract design problems with examples -

Architectural and Algorithmic design questions - Interviewing for a program manager Part 6: Example of an architectural and algorithmic design problem with a solution -


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